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Virtual Office in Azerbaijan

Virtual Office in Azerbaijan

The virtual office is an alternative to the regular office space, that in most cases will imply lower expenses and will offer almost all of the viable services required by the business. Entrepreneurs in Azerbaijan can opt for a virtual office, especially when the business has flexible work hours and the employees are not required to work from the same physical location.  

Our team of company formation specialists in Azerbaijan is able to provide you with the necessary information when asking for a virtual office, and can also offer customized services and suited solutions according to your company’s needs. Entrepreneurs and business owners should keep in mind that this manner of running a business can have many benefits, most of which are related to the costs associated with the upkeep of the office itself. Nevertheless, the virtual office is suitable for certain types of businesses in particular and a prior assessment should be made according to the company profile and the business field in which it activates.

The same agents who can provide more information and solutions for a virtual office and also can help you with company incorporation in Azerbaijan for those matters concerning drawing up documents and other related services for your business.

The advantages of a virtual office in Azerbaijan 

Virtual offices are becoming increasingly popular among startups and businesses who are looking to reduce their operating costs. The main advantages of the virtual office are the following:

  • Flexibility: when operating via this type of office, the team can work from remote locations and the business can be run by international entrepreneurs who have no need to be in Azerbaijan at all times.
  • Good image: the virtual office offers the same professional image as a traditional office would; the common locations for these types of offices are central ones.
  • Reduced costs: the main reduced cost is that for the office rent; the overall expenses with a virtual office are lower compared to having to purchase/rent, equip and upkeep a traditional office. 
  • Increased productivity: a company that operates via a virtual office may report higher productivity levels from its employees, especially in certain business fields.

Another advantage is that the virtual office will be used as the incorporation address for the company. When investors purchase this type of service once they decide to open a company in Azerbaijan, they will be able to use the address of the office building for incorporation purposes.

Virtual office packages have different prices, depending on the services offered at the chosen location as well as the period for which the agreement is concluded. Prices can be calculated per day per person or according to an agreement with a pre-determined duration (usually one or two years).

The virtual office is a solution for many types of businesses, mainly for those in the services sectors, for IT companies, marketing agencies, and many others. Understandably, this model may not be suited for other types of businesses, such as those in the manufacturing sector or in the food production sector as for this business, the owners will also need to find a suitable space where the production or post-production activities will take place. 

Services offered through a virtual office in Azerbaijan

If you are an investor from abroad and you are interested in setting up your business and testing the market as first steps, you might be interested in obtaining a virtual office. This business solution comprises the following services the office representative can offer:

• reception services;

• phone answering;

• call forwarding;

• fax services;

• email verification;

• meeting schedule with local partners;

• schedule conference rooms for business meetings;

The representative of the virtual office in Azerbaijan can take care of organizing the business meetings with potential clients in the country. For reliability and trust in front of your future partners or associates, the virtual office can have a prestigious business address in one of the main cities in the country. Our specialists in company incorporation in Azerbaijan can help entrepreneurs from abroad settle their businesses on the market, making the company registration process in Azerbaijan easier.

Additional services offered by a virtual office in Azerbaijan

Besides the services mentioned above, an entrepreneur with a virtual office in Azerbaijan can benefit from another kind of support. For instance, he/she can solicit a local private number and can also be informed of the bank payments and statements, if any. Our advisors are client oriented and are focused on your business needs with complete support for a suitable image of your company.

The virtual office is a convenient solution for those types of businesses that are not tied to a physical location in order to deliver services. For these companies, working via a remote, virtual office is an important alternative, one that allows both flexibility and access to the traditional office and meeting spaces, as and when needed.

Company formation in Azerbaijan

Investors who choose to open a company in Azerbaijan that will be run via a virtual office should make this decision during the initial business planning stages. This will allow them to estimate the initial company formation costs based on the rates for the virtual office package, which will be lower than having to rent or purchase a property where the company will locate its headquarters. 

As previously stated, a registered address must be provided upon registration and it is mandatory, hence the importance of deciding on using a virtual office from the beginning. Of course, already established companies may choose this option later on, if they are trying to lower their operational costs. In this case, it is important to note that the changes to the company’s registered address will need to be duly notified to the authorities. One of our agents who specialize in company formation in Azerbaijan can help you with more details.

Azerbaijan is known for its oil and gas sector, however, investors may also fund important investment opportunities in other areas, such as tourism, information and telecommunication technology, agriculture and others. The following statistics highlight the investment percentages:

  • 1.4 billion USD: the value of the 2018 foreign direct investment inflow in 2018 as per the 2019 World Investment Report.
  • 2.86 billion USD: the value of the foreign direct investment inflow in 2017 in Azerbaijan. 
  • 4.5 billion USD: the 2016 foreign direct investment inflow in Azerbaijan as per the World Investment Report.
  • 4 billion USD: the foreign direct investment inflow in 2015 in Azerbaijan; in 2014 this was 4.4 billion USD.

For additional information about how to obtain a virtual office in Azerbaijan and the benefits that come with it, please feel free to contact our team of company formation agents in Azerbaijan.