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Law Firm in Azerbaijan

Law Firm in Azerbaijan

A law firm in Azerbaijan can be the solution of those who are interested in the local legislation on various legal matters or of those who need to be represented by a trustworthy lawyerOur law firm in Azerbaijan can assist local citizens and foreigners in matters such as: obtaining the local residency, getting married here as a foreigner, divorcing in this country and numerous other aspects that pertain to regulations related to natural persons. 

However, our law firm is also specialized in assisting those interested in company formation in Azerbaijan. Here, our lawyers can provide legal advice and legal representation on the incorporation of any of the legal entities prescribed by the national law. Our team can provide legal advice on the corporate legislation and the commercial legislation, can help in obtaining permits and licenses, drafting contracts and other corporate services.

How can our law firm in Azerbaijan help investors?

Investors, and especially foreign investors, will generally have to be represented by a lawyer or a specialist in company formation in Azerbaijan, as there can be a wide range of legal procedures that have to be followed by specific steps and this can be a challenge in the case of foreigners who are not familiarized with the applicable law. Also, there can appear language barriers and this is why it is best to request for legal representation when opening a company in Azerbaijan. Investors can rely on our law firm in Azerbaijan on the following: 

  • corporate legislation – company formation in Azerbaijan and any other legal matter related to it;
  • corporate structuring – here, our lawyers can help investors in merger and acquisition procedures or in company liquidation;
  • drafting commercial contracts – our lawyers can help in drafting and signing local contracts, as well as contracts established with international partners;
  • employment legislation – our team can help investors in preparing employment contracts and dealing with employment disputes;
  • taxation in Azerbaijan – our team can assist companies in dealing with the procedures imposed by the Tax Code, applicable to all commercial companies. 

Investors can also rely on our law firm in Azerbaijan for professional services related to the accounting regulations and procedures commercial entities are obliged to follow. Our specialists can prepare the financial reports of the company, provide payroll services, bookkeeping, submitting financial reports and other required procedures. 

Our lawyers are prepared to provide legal assistance in litigation cases as well. This means that natural persons and legal entities involved in litigation situations and debt collection cases can request to be represented by our team. Our law firm in Azerbaijan can represent its clients in front of the local courts in legal matters related to unpaid debts and overdue debts and in commercial disputes with local or foreign partners. 

What are the tax services our law firm in Azerbaijan can offer?

Taxation is an important part of any corporate entity. Given the fact that those who want to open a company in Azerbaijan have to follow complex tax procedures, you can address to our team for representation on this matter. Local and foreign investors can benefit from tax consultancy services and tax planning and applying for various tax benefits companies are entitled to, or solving in the client’s best interest various tax liabilities. 

Depending on the tax residency of a company, the legal entity can benefit from the provisions of the double tax treaties signed here, and our team can easily provide assistance on this matter, as well as on the registration for value added tax (VAT) or VAT compliance. We can help you with in-depth information on the following basic taxes:

  • the corporate tax, which is currently imposed at the standard rate of 20%;
  • advice on the withholding taxes applied for interest and royalties at the rate of 10%;
  • VAT in Azerbaijan, imposed at the standard rate of 18%;
  • property tax charged to legal entities, which is applied at a rate of 1%;
  • the personal income tax, which is taxed at the standard rate of 14%, but other rates can apply depending on the income. 

Our team can offer more information concerning the taxation of natural persons and legal entities. The procedures related to this matter are prescribed by the Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan, an institution in charge with application and the supervision of the regulations of the Tax Code. 

For more information on services related to company registration in Azerbaijan, please contact our lawyers. We highly advise you to request professional services when opening a company in Azerbaijan, but we remain at your disposal for legal matters related to immigration law and other legislations related to natural persons.