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Immigration Lawyers in Azerbaijan

Immigration Lawyers in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is one of the most prolific economies located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia which makes it very appealing for those who want to move here for work or to start a business. The immigration regulations in Azerbaijan provide for various visas under which a foreign citizen can move here. Based on these visas, foreigners can obtain permanent residence followed by citizenship.
Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, is by far the most sought location by expats, however, legal advice is recommended when moving here.

Our immigration lawyer in Baku is at the service of foreign citizens seeking to move to Azerbaijan. One can also rely on us for company formation services in Azerbaijan.

Types of visas available for Azerbaijan immigration

Just like any other country, Azerbaijan offers the possibility of applying for several types of visas based on which a foreign citizen interested in immigration can relocate here temporarily or permanently.

Here are the main types of visas available for Azerbaijan:

  • the tourist visa which compared to its issuance in other countries, it has a validity of 3 months to one year;
  • the business and diplomatic visas which are issued to businesspersons and employees of governmental organizations;
  • the work permit which can be obtained by any persons interested in obtaining employment to Azerbaijan;
  • the residence permit which can be obtained on a temporary or permanent basis.

Based on permanent residency one can apply for citizenship in AzerbaijanOur immigration lawyer in Baku can offer detailed information on the types of visas and residence permits available for foreign citizens.

Foreign investors can also rely on us if they want to open any type of company in Azerbaijan.

Services provided by our immigration lawyer in Baku

Foreigners interested in Azerbaijan immigration can rely on our lawyer in Baku for the following services:

  1. assistance in choosing the type of visa in accordance with their relocation reasons;
  2. document preparation and verification services for the type of visa requested;
  3. legal assistance in applying for a work permit or temporary residence permit, followed by permanent residency;
  4. relocation support which can consist in registration with the local authorities in Baku;
  5. legal advice in renting or buying a property in Baku or another city in Azerbaijan.

If you need any other services, you can request more information from our lawyers in Azerbaijan.

How to obtain residency in Azerbaijan

Most foreign citizens interested in Azerbaijan immigration choose to apply directly for a residence permit. This document is issued by the State Migration Service of Azerbaijan and requires the applicant to prepare various papers.

Here are the main reasons under which foreign citizens can move to Azerbaijan and obtain a residence permit:

  • persons having a family member living in Azerbaijan can easily apply for a family reunification visa;
  • real estate purchases can also help foreign citizens obtain a residence permit for Azerbaijan, provided that the value of the property is at least 100,000 AZN;
  • highly-qualified foreign citizens can easily relocate to Azerbaijan and work here (specialists in economy, science, culture, sports, and industry are welcome here);
  • temporary residence is also available for those willing to invest at least 500,000 AZN in the country’s economy;
  • temporary residency is also available for students enrolled in educational institutions.
  • business immigration also qualifies for temporary residence in Azerbaijan.

Foreign investors interested in company registration in Azerbaijan must also create 5 full-time or 10 part-time jobs in order to obtain temporary residency here. Also, at least 80% of the employees must be Azerbaijani citizens.

Our immigration lawyer in Baku can offer detailed information on all the requirements that must be met in order to move here on a temporary basis.

How to obtain permanent residence and citizenship in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan immigration will usually finalize in citizenship, however, in order to achieve that, the applicant must know that:

  • the easiest way of obtaining temporary residence is by starting a business – the permit is issued in 3 to 6 months;
  • the documentation filed by applicants is usually processed in 25 days;
  • permanent residence can be obtained in 2 years, however, there are specific requirements to meet;
  • citizenship is available after living in Azerbaijan for 5 years and is conditioned by proficiency in the Azerbaijani language and proof of stable income.

If you are interested in moving to Azerbaijan you can rely on our immigration lawyer in Baku, so do not hesitate to contact us for support.